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Mixer Core Technology
Brass identification technology
Experimental analysis of raw materials to ensure high-quality
Low pressure casting technology
Guarantee product density, ensure the product stability
CNC precision machining technology
Guarantee product machining accuracy

Computer automatic vacuum leak detection technology
Guarantee products without leaking
Precision polishing technology
Guarantee smooth products surface
Seamless connection technology
guarantee smooth product lines
Mirror precision technology
Guarantee bright and clean products surface

Water saving and constant dynamic pressure flow technology
To guarantee that the water pressure is constant
Check Valve technology
Guarantee non-reflux of sewage

Thermostatic technology
Guarantee comfort shower with cozy temperature
Silencing technology
To prevent noise damage

Water stop protection technology
To prevent scald after the cold water supply is off
Security Lock Technology
Safety lock must be pressed when the selected temperature is above 38 degrees to prevent scald caused by wrong operation.

Porcelain Precision Cartridge Technology
Ceramic cartridge guarantee the opening and closing ofresistance to fatigue test more than 0.5 million times to ensure the product using life to be more than 10 years
Intelligent Shower Core Technology
Intelligent Anti-scald
Gently touch, 0.1 seconds to start intelligent switching modules.
Anti-scald safety: intelligent set of conventional temperature of 38 degrees, adjustable temperature range is between 29-45 degrees Each boot is according to customer settings. When the temperature is set lower than 29 degrees, the cold water out, the display shows LO so as to create a best experience temperatures. When the water temperature exceeds 50 degrees, the system will be intelligently remind high temperature, and automatically shut down to prevent damage on the human body caused by high temperature.
The system automatically shut down 18 minutes after boot, the countdown time is displayed on the screen to avoid water wastage or accidents due to close forgetting.
Flow regulator
The boot flow level is 5, the flow range setting is level 1-7. The adjustable water flow can make the pressure reach the most comfortable state for human body massage.
Concealed Shower Mixer Core Technology
A variety of solutions for wall concealed shower faucet
Split embedded box make the inner wall installation extremely simple. Up to now, all inner wall faucet just need one embedded body. It is suitable for all wall concealed shower faucet series, and also for a variety of different functions solutions. Thanks to its well thought out technology, confusion and problems during assembly have been passed away as history. It is decided by installation system, connections and fittings, in addition, irrigation tubing and pressure test accessories are provided. I believe this wall concealing installation revolution advantage shall attract you to choose.
Embedded box material (ABS + brass)
The embedded box is made of high quality ABS(durable, environmentally friendly, recyclable).
The main part of embedded box has chosen 60 # low lead European standard copper, it is finished through thermal shock, gravity casting process and precision machining by CNC machine.
International brands are used, the Spanish Track Ceramic Cartridge can guarantee 500,000 times without leakage.
Embedded box features
Easy installation and maintenance without tearing down walls。
You can pre-test the water, whether the pipeline is clogged or leaking.
Even if re-decoration can also ensure that the main control valve is not damaged.
Can convert single function into two function without tearing down walls and easy for exchange.
Can prevent water from flowing into the body from inner wall, thereby guarantee the life of the control valve.
Versatility of the embedded body, one can change the panel, handle and function according to their preferences and purchasing power freely.
The embedded box can be buried deep in the wall with arbitrary mobilize between 65mm-96mm.
Due to the decoration process does not involve the installation of faucet cartridge or exposed parts, it can avoid scratching, so the faucet seems extremely new when one hotel is open or one family start to use.
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