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Shower Room Core Technology
Exquisite antirust and wear-resistant high quality parts free from acid
The handle, hinge, shaft, pulley and other parts of Feliu Boet shower rooms are made of 304 stainless steel or brass through PVD vacuum surface coating treatment with thicker and thicker layers which does not fade lifelong with permanent gloss and no distortion; in the damp or acid-base bathroom environment, it is extremely resistant to corrosion, anti-rust and durable.
Patent Pulley Hidden Mute
The hidden mute pulley developed by Feliu Boet feel smooth without noise in order to avoid pulley leakage, while worry-free of cleaning and effort.
304 stainless steel precision polishing + aviation thicker antioxidant solid aluminum, super load bearing and never deformation
Feliu Boet shower room has used the latest 304 stainless steel precisely polished (thickness 0.7mm) + excellent antioxidant aviation grade aluminum (thickness 2.5mm, part thickness 4.5mm, aluminum hardness HW10-13); load-bearing is 2.0 to 3.0 times of ordinary shower room; and the outer layer is 304 stainless steel precisely polished, the appearance is elegant.
Hooked rail design
Derail stable structure and durability; unique hook design, smoothly sliding pulley, precisely coordination; long using life; no empty spaces, not shaking, derail make it safer and more comfortable
Waterproof seal belt anti-shock leak-free, no aging within 10-year
Feliu Boet waterproof and magnetic stripe is green and does not release toxic substances when exposed to heat. It is impact resistance with strong sealing performance that can real separate wet and dry; it can effectively reduce the bacteria multiply in wet environment and protect health and safety.
High class Tray Series corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, thermal expansion and contraction without distortion
Feliu Boet Tray / stone base is made of high quality acrylic and unsaturated polyester resin that is deformation resistance and anti-aging which is better adapt to the shower room temperature changes without cracking due to frequent hot and cold alternating, safe and durable.
Feliu Boet shower room regard safe, durable and comfortable as its design theory which fully considers the flexible configuration between different spaces and configuration differences between different groups of people. It has adapt automotive safety level tempered glass, high pressure endurance space aluminum, stable sealing waterproof accessories and anti-corrosion antioxidant hardware accessories, at the same time, it has use patented lifting hinge, silent pulleys and other products. The design is simple and elegant with complete category which can also be customized produced according to the size demanded by customers. Our professional and smart design shall bring you a safe and comfortable shower space.
Stainless steel shower room
Stainless steel series shower room has broken through the traditional aluminum material by using mirror face stainless steel and the bubble anti-shock waterproof belt with easy to clean bottom rail design. Anti-shake pulleys have been applied too. The overall products are stylish and the surface is brightly new.
Love shower room
Love shower room series are designed to open the door outward or inward with 180 degree, and the door is divided into two parts that is suitable for children, the elderly or the disabled. Aluminum floor design can well match the parallel grout design of the shower space which will help people with disabilities wheelchair. A safety lock is installed which can be hung up when the shower room is empty so as to prevent the shower room is hit by people due to forgetting to turn off.
Project Shower Room
Project shower room series is designed for high-level hotels with the most suitable shower space and elegant atmosphere. Super-strength stainless steel profiles and hardware accessories shall withstand the frequent opening and closing of hotel guests with high durability. Wet and dry separation provides you a clean and refreshing shower experience.
Nano Easy Cleaning Core Technology
Boet brand shower room applied the nano coating technology and created the more clearly & more easy-to-clean and more safety nano coating glass shower room, by solving the problems that being easily dirtied and easily bacterial of the common glass. Compared with the common glass, the Easy-to-Clean & antibacterial Coated glass has the features in the following:

The glass is more clearly and more twinkling;
It is easy to clean and able to keep the cleanness for longer time;
It can greatly prevent the besmirchment and bacteria from the outside and keep the glass safe;
It can protect itself being eroded by soap liquor & cleanser and even water.
It can prevent the dirt being accumulated on its surface and keep itself brand-new all the time;
It can also avoid the finger imprint & dust and greasy stain deposited on its surface.

二、The Easy-to-Clean & antibacterial Coated glass applied by Boet brand shower room has obtained many authentications:

In 2005, it was awarded the diploma “Innovation of the new century” by the UK Design Bureau for its originality and benefits to customers;
In 2006, it won the diploma of Wales Prince Industrial Innovation and Production, and also the ideal building materials exhibition Blue-strip award from London Daily Mail;
In 2007, it was declared to be the number one of the most influential products by American Glass Magazine, which is the leader of the North America public field;
In November of 2007, its application was put in the first place in solving the prevention of pollution and cleans-itself problems by the European Coating Conference convoked in Berlin Germany.

三、The common glass is not easy to clean:
Glass is a kind of material that contains natrium and calcium carbonate which make itself degenerated in quality, thus make its surface uneasy to clean.
Common glass is a kind of hydrophilic which attracts water molecule accumulated on its surface, thus dust is accumulated by the same way.
Common glass is not electric, so static produced by friction is not easy to dispel. Therefore dust will be attached on its surface.
Many substance such as calcareousness deposit, compo, metal oxide etc., they can be attached tightly on its surface by chemic methods, and it is not so easy to wipe them off. So does many bacterium.
These pollution from outside, as well as the water molecule existent in the air, they are the main factor for the degeneration of the glass. When the glass is contacted with water frequently or in large quantity, it is ok for the normal cleanness because natrium hydronium will run off away together with the water. While when there is only little water stayed on its surface until it was vaporized, natrium hydronium would thereby accumulate. After a period of time, these matters will turn to deposit on the surface, thus the elimination of them would be more difficult.

四、Nano coating glass is easy to clean:
The surface of nano coating glass contains water and is anti-static, and also obtains the lower friction coefficient, therefore water and other pollution on its surface would flow away easily instead of becoming besmirchment.
Nano coating glass with the easy-to-clean feature and can make itself clearness and brightness through very simple and economical methods.
Nano coating glass can save half of your time for the cleanness. The common cotton dishcloth is enough with the help of water.
Nano coating glass can maintain its perfect state lasted five to eight years under the normal environment and the canonical care procedure.

五、Nano coating glass applied by Boet brand shower room has inspected by the following criterion:
Humidity: During eight days with the temperature 30 degree to 70 degree, and then during 14 days with the temperature fixed at 70 degree; we tested the two kinds glass in the humidity 100%. The result shows that the nano coating glass lost less weight than the common glass.
Salt mist test: Be tested for 100 hours and the result is qualified, not eroded.
Aging test: Be tested it per the BS3900 method used for Coating for 2000 hours, and the result is qualified.
Friction coefficient: We test the two kinds of glass in a sideling surface. The nano coating glass has less friction and the common glass has friction amounts to 60 to 70 percentages.
Machine abrasion: In special designed equipment which has rubber reamer running under the press, the glass sample was immerged into the abrasion slop, and the result shows that the sample obtains mightily anti-abrasion ability.
Move: The part that be solidified will not move to the unsolidified part.
Calcareousness deposit: The sample is tested in beaker for five weeks. Calcareousness deposit of nano coating glass can be wiped off easily with the dishcloth or cleanser; while the common glass should be wiped forcibly to get rid of alga, and with the washing powder to eliminate Calcareousness deposit.
Heat press test: According to the ISO4802 criterion, both the two kinds glass are all qualified and with no difference.
Freeze/Melt circulation: Change the temperature from minus 15 degrees to 20 degrees, circulating for 20 times. The test shows that it is qualified. Temperature strike: To irradiate the sample by using infrared ray for eight hours, and then to eject it with cold water, circulating for 20 times. The test shows that it is qualified.
Light permeance capability: The test shows that the sample can not be permeated by light.
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